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CityGuide “Fractured Prune (pictured) in Rockville, Md. – Fractured Prune is focused around the DC metro area and focused on unique specialty Doughnuts like the ones pictured at left. Starting at the top left and working clockwise: Blueberry Hill, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Peppermint Patty, Sprinkles, Black Forest and Pebble...
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A Dozen Choice Doughnut Spots

Saveur The Fractured Prune Doughnut Shoppe – Boasting flavor combinations as wacky as the shop’s name, the unusual varieties sold at these franchises throughout the Southeast redefine the typical doughnut. The O.C. Sand, a cake doughnut dipped in honey glaze and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, serves as a tribute to the original Ocean City, Maryland, location and reigns supreme in the taste department. Others, like the Blueberry Hill, bearing an iridescent blueberry glaze and dusted with...
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Southern Living – September, 2006

SUN, SAND AND DOUGHNUTS This Ocean City, Maryland tradition is spreading through the country faster than you can say “hot doughnuts!” Four locations are opening soon in The Sunshine State “First timer!” Colleen Kaufman turns and yells when I admit I’ve never tasted a Fractured Prune doughnut. Her husband, Tad, dips a hot wheel of fried dough in a homemade honey glaze and follows it with cinnamon and sugar. “This is our house specialty,” Colleen explains. “Every newcomer gets...
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