Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get your name?

Fractured Prune® Doughnuts are named after the spunky Prunella Shriek, known as “Fractured Prunella” for the broken bones she suffered from competing in traditionally men’s sports even into her 70s. Fractured Prune® Doughnuts celebrates her legacy with a doughnut as individual as the person ordering it, offering always hot doughnuts, all ways.

How many possible doughnut combinations are there?

Uh…15 x 13 x so many variable combinations…You can see we’re not math people. A free dozen to the first numbers super hero who figures this out!

What’s your most popular doughnut created, ever?

We don’t play favorites. We celebrate each individual doughnut created. That said, our best selling doughnut is the OC Sand ( Glaze / Cinnamon & Sugar )

Are your products kosher?

Yep, we’re kosher: Fractured Prune® uses kosher-approved products in the making of our doughnuts.